Gradual return to campus update

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Dear Colleagues and Partners:
I am writing to inform the Gateway college community that GCC's Phase 3 reopening plans ( were approved and successfully filed with the Connecticut Department of Public Health. 
The Phase 3 reopening plan covers the fall semester and highlights the institutional plans and protocols to: 
  • Gradually repopulate the campus 
  • Monitor the health of students, faculty and staff
  • Plan for containing cases that may develop; and 
  • Shutdown the campus if it becomes necessary
Our Phase 3 plan allows both the New Haven and North Haven locations to remain open, with limited staffing, while following strict guidelines from the Department of Public Health, State of Connecticut, and other local health authorities. 
As a result, GCC can continue to offer limited on-site appointments for student services, courses with varying delivery methods, and thus allow a very limited number of credit and non-credit students to take classes on campus.

We will work together to minimize the risk posed by COVID-19. 
  • The college will remain closed to the general public, and the total number of entrances and exits on campus are limited. 
  • All employees, students, and visitors must sign-in and sign out each time they come to campus.  
  • Wearing face masks and social distancing is required of all employees and students while they are on campus. 
  • Classrooms have been reorganized and offices that serve students have been updated with Plexiglass barriers to support social distancing.
It is important to note that our reopening plan framework was developed and written in collaboration with public health experts, including the Department of Public Health, as part of the Governor's Reopening plans for the state of Connecticut. 
Additionally, state administrators, CSCU System Office, and the Department of Public Health continue to send regular communications, as needed, on the state's health conditions and provide updated guidance for reopening public higher education.  
Please be aware that these plans may change as we have new guidance from the state.  GCC will continue to work closely with local public health authorities to maintain a safe and healthy campus. 
I appreciate the questions and comments that were contributed last week when we shared the draft of the plan, and I encourage you to continue raising questions and concerns so that they can be addressed whenever possible.
I will continue to keep you informed. 
William (Terry) Brown, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer