Community Healthcare Worker Training Program

A Community Healthcare Worker (CHW) complements clinically-trained health care teams comprised of physicians, physician assistants, and nurses, among others. CHWs carry out a broad range of responsibilities that facilitate access to health care services and help support patients to achieve goals in their care plans.

Examples include:

  • Positively connecting to the community
  • Helping others find access to healthcare and social services
  • Managing cases and coordinating care
  • Delivering home-based support services
  • Coaching and promoting good health

Program Objectives

  • Analyze health issues and inequalities from public health and cultural perspectives.
  • Summarize the process of community organizing, advocacy, and policy development as appropriate to the scope of practice for community health workers.
  • Discuss and demonstrate non-clinical health assessment, advising, and service coordination planning and client-centered counseling.
  • Assess and apply professional skills, including establishment of goals for internship placement, ethics, scope of practice, professional boundaries, cultural humility, and self-care practices.
  • Evaluate health care delivery systems, including eligibility and community resources in order to provide appropriate linkage services to clients.
  • Describe and demonstrate mastery of cultural humility principles and practice in working with diverse clients and communities.
  • Design, prepare, and facilitate a group health education training or presentation demonstrating effective group level teamwork and conflict resolution skills.

Essentials for Your Career

Designed to help students organize their career exploration process. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments and skill sets to develop a resume, cover letter, and tackle any job interview.