Culinary Arts Blended Courses


Blended classes offer noncredit students the opportunity to experience, first-hand, what a Credit Division class entails and is an ideal way to begin a pathway to pursue a college certificate or degree program.

Blended classes have a limited number of seats available for continuing education/noncredit students. A student may apply to ‘transfer’ the class for college credit. Prices and prerequisites may apply.


Step One: Complete a College Application either online or in the Admission Office in room N207
Step Two: Take the Accuplacer or ESL Placement Exam
Step Three: Register for class in room N104
Step Four: Pay for classes & get your College ID
Step Five: Purchase any books or supplies needed for class


Principles of Food Preparation

This 15 week course introduces basic concepts and methods of cooking in all facets of food service operation. Lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experience in food production will be used. In the food lab, students will learn proper methods of broiling, grilling, sautéing, roasting, and baking, using examples of meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. Students will learn meat and fish fabrication, proper knife skills, tool and equipment use, weights, measures, and recipe conversion. Menu planning, purchasing, and the serving of food will be covered. This course is also available as a Credit Division class.

Principles of Baking

This 15 week course introduces the baking and pastry arts with intensive, hands-on laboratory training in a quantity food environment. Concentrates on the production and quality control of baked goods that are used in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and institutions. Laboratory classes emphasize basic ingredients and production techniques for breads, rolls, folded doughs, batters, basic cakes, pies, and creams. One hour of lecture / three hours of lab. This course is also available as a Credit Division class.


Artisan Bread

The artistry of baking can be richly rewarding and enjoyable when you possess a strong foundation in the basics. Learn about the ingredients and techniques used by the professionals-to create delicious yeast breads and batter breads including herbed focaccia, buttery brioche buns and sweetened loafs. The fee for this course includes book, apron and supplies.


For more information or to register, contact: Pam Walsh (203) 285-2300