Monday, March 1, 2021

Gateway Community College, CEO, William “Terry” Brown joined the President Marc Camille of Albertus Magnus College (moderator) and Provost and Academic Vice-President at SCSU, Robert Prezant, for a panel discussion hosted by the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Executive Leadership Class of 2021 to talk about the impact that their colleges have on the Greater New Haven Community. 

Dr. Brown shared that the majority of GCC student come from New Haven County, and most stay in the region after graduation thereby contributing to the workforce and the regional economy to the tune of about $216 million a year.   

“Gateway is taking the lead in multiple areas. Our nursing program is one the only evening program in the region, and our transportation technology programs in automotive and railroad engineering technology are at the forefront of training the next generation of transportation workers,” he said. “New Haven sits between New York and Boston and a qualified transportation workforce is critical.”   

More than 80% of GCC’s graduates in the allied health, nursing and transportation technology programs participate in on-site internships and clinicals prior to graduation and enter the workforce without delay after graduation.  

During the question-and-answer session, one member of the Executive Leadership class asked how relationships with local businesses and the colleges might be enhanced.  

“Ongoing and deeper partnerships that provide opportunities for our students would be important,” Dr. Brown responded.  “I would love to see them partner with faculty to create opportunities for service learning, internships, apprenticeships – connecting our students with the world of work.”  

When asked for advice for the GNHCC Executive Leadership Class of 2021, Dr. Brown stated that the important traits for leadership are, “Courage, commitment and integrity,” and that “how you treat people is important. At the end of the day, it comes down to the Golden Rule.”  

President Camille added that begin authentic and passionate about your mission is also important. “You can never, ever, say ‘thank you’ enough. Ultimately those that work with and beside you what to feel valued.”  

Gateway Community College has been a longtime supporter and participant in the GHNCC Leadership Programs, which acclimate the region’s new and up-and-coming leaders  and senior executive to the Greater New Haven community through sessions that help participants “understand Greater New Haven’s assets and opportunities” along with the challenges and benefits of doing business in New Haven.