Online Students

   Congratulations on your decision to attend Gateway Community College. We are excited to have you as part of the community. Whether you are just out of high school, a transfer student, or resuming your studies after time away; we will help you find what you need through a large selection of educational courses and over 90 accredited degrees and certificate programs. Your academic pursuits, career enhancements, and personal enrichment is our priority. No matter your goal let us help you reach it.


Course Selection

Not sure what courses are available online? Here is a guideline to help you search for the correct courses that match your goal

  1. Select Course Search at the top pf the Gateway Website home Page (
  2. Select Term (semester you are interested in attending)
  3. Select College (Gateway)
  4. Select Instruction Type
  • TRAD: Web-Enhanced (On Ground)
  • HYBR: half time classroom with online material
  • ONLN: fully online
  • OLCR: fully online with proctored testing requirement
  • LRON: scheduled virtual classroom with online material


Request Online Course Advisement

You can request an appointment in two ways, whichever is comfortable for you.

  1. Call (203) 285-2090 for a phone advisement session
  2. Email your advising request to

Please have the following information ready for your advisor:

  1. Your name
  2. Your Student ID Number
  3. Your area or program of study
  4. Attach copy of unofficial transcripts (if applicable)
  5. Any specific questions you would like answered during your advisement session