How to make the most out of your time at Gateway Community College

Monday, December 4, 2017

By Jessica Mink

Whether you’re continuing or returning to pursue an education at Gateway, first off, congratulations. Education is a vital pathway to the future and you should be proud that you’ve made the decision to pursue your goals. With that being said, there’s a bit of a stigma surrounding community colleges — that you simply attend classes and leave. People assume that there’s no need to stick around campus or get involved because you’re a commuter, so what’s the point. Right? Wrong! This way of thinking is slowly but surely fading away and people are realizing that community colleges, including Gateway, have a lot to offer. Whether you’re here to take a few classes or to earn a specific degree over a few years, here are some helpful tips you should utilize to make the most out of your experience at GCC.  

1. Make an Appointment with Career Services 

Career planning, job search strategies, resume writing, interviewing, and workplace success; these are all services career services offers which can help you with the next steps (which you should always be thinking of) even if you are just beginning at GCC. Maybe you are ready to transfer to a four-year institution. Career Services can help you either way.  

2. Join a club or group on campus  

What better way to enhance your academic experience at Gateway than by joining one of our many cultural, social, recreational, and leadership programs. With groups like Phi Theta Kappa, Black Student Association, and the Art Club, you are bound to find something that you’re interested in. If by chance you don’t see something that sparks your interest, make a new club! The possibilities are endless at Gateway. Visit the Student Activities office in S110 for all the info!

3. Join a sport team 

Did you know that GCC is the only community college in the state to retain an athletic program? Joining the basketball team as a Gateway Lion would help that retention and also allow you to feel more connected to the school. The men’s team has made seven appearances in the NJCAA Region XXI tournament and the woman’s team has been ranked tenth in the nation. If basketball isn’t your thing, join one of our intramural teams. We offer soccer, volleyball, dodgeball and pep squad. Visit the Athletics Department online or call the Athletics Department at (203) 285-2213 for more information and to sign up.   

4. Workout in between classes 

In addition to the Exercise Science Lab being used for educational purposes, it is also open to students, faculty and staff during the Spring and Fall semester. Contact Program Coordinator Todd Degree at (203) 285-2446 for hours, pricing, and more.  

5. Join the Student Government Association (SGA) 

A great way to get involved on campus is by joining the SGA. You will have the opportunity to be the voice of GCC’s student body. Develop leadership skills by working with the Office of student Activities and Leadership Programs to officially recognize and coordinate clubs and organizations. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, contact the SGA office at (203) 285-52242.  

6. Utilize tutoring services & writing center  

Whether you’re already beginning to struggle in a course or you simply want to stay on top of things, the tutoring and writing center are perfect tools to use during your time at GCC. Students enrolled in Gateway full-time receive free tutoring in our math and science departments. The writing center is an extremely useful resource that should be used throughout your time here. Whether it’s for checking over your college essay, or helping you perfect an essay, the writing center will be of great help to you.