Is this a day program? Is it full-time? Is it online? What are the hours? This is a 24-month full-time day program. Classes are held on campus during the day. Clinical is on alternate days and are usually 8:00 am-4:30 pm. There is at least 1 mandatory clinical evening rotation 12:00-9:00 pm within the program as well. This program is not online.

How do I apply? When does the program start? How many students are accepted?

Application is online on the Gateway Community college webpage and will open on November 1st and close February 1st.

The program begins in June every year.

The program accepts 12 students each year.

What courses need to be done prior to admission?

For the application cycle, the following courses must be completed and have a grade of C or higher:

Bio 211 Anatomy and Physiology I

English 101

Math 175

Physics 111

Bio 212 Anatomy & Physiology II (can be enrolled in during application cycle and must be within the past 5 years)

What is needed for applying to the program?

When the application opens, student will apply online: In order to apply Students must be admitted to GCC. All prior transcripts from any school must be requested to be sent to Gateway Community College. Mandatory attendance at a Diagnostic Imaging & Therapy Program-specific Information Session: All students must attend a Program-specific information session for “Program of Choice” within a 12 month period prior to the application deadline date in order to be considered for admission into a Program. Readmit students cannot use their time as a student in another program in place of attending an information session. Applicants who do not reside in Connecticut are not required to attend a Programspecific information session.
How do they determine who is accepted? Acceptance is based upon calculated GPA by the following formula: 25%=BIO 211 Grade, 75% is the GPA of college courses with grades that meet the program curriculum. Applicants are ranked by this formula and the top 12 are offered a seat in the program. Students not admitted will be ranked using this formula. The waitlist is NOT carried over to the next year.
If I have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, can I complete the program sooner? Prior classes may transfer to satisfy the general education requirements, however, the majority of the courses are sequential DMS courses with clinical experiences and require 24 months to complete.
Will I get a degree or certificate? The DMS program grants an associate degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. This degree is important to apply for national certifications.
Does Gateway have job placement after graduation? Gateway CC does not have a job placement service for students. However, many graduates are hired by the affiliates that they have rotated through.
When do students take the national examination? Students are eligible to take the SPI examination administered through ARDMS while in the program. This is the first examination to becoming registered. Students are eligible to take their ARDMS specialty examinations up to 60 days prior to graduation. Students are eligible for the ARRT(S) examination upon successful completion of the program.
Can I work during the program? This is a very rigorous and demanding program, and most students do not work during the program. If they do work, it must be on off hours and weekends.
Where are the clinical sites? Can I go to the one closest to my home? Clinical sites are located throughout the state of Connecticut. Preferences are not given to students living closer to the sites. Rotation is based on giving students equitable clinical experience. Students must provide transportation to the clinical site and are responsible for all costs. Travel may be up to 1 hour or more from the college.
How can I get more information about the program? DMS information sessions are held on campus during the year and presented by the program faculty. The calendar for the information session can be found online on the DMS webpage. These sessions are designed to give in-depth information on the program and the outcomes. The sessions are approximately 1 hour in length, and do not require any pre-registration. Attendance to an information session is required for application. Parking is available in the Temple Medical garage. Ticket validation is available at the security desk. A photo ID is needed to enter the College. Please be on time—after the session starts, the sign-in may not be available.