Listings by Department

Department Phone Number (203) Room Number
Admissions 285-2010 N207
Cafeteria 285-2114 N107
Center for Gender Equity 285-2412 N110 & N111
Center for Educational Services Department (CES) 285-2217 S205
Student Success Center 285-2090 N213
Distance Learning 285-2570 N313
Ed Tech 285-2221 N318
Financial Aid 285-2030 N215
Follett Bookstore 865-5614 N109
GCC Information 285-2000  
Human Resources 285-2537 N324
ID Center 285-2308 N008
Staff Info Line 285-2222  
Student Info Line 285-2049  
IT Help Desk 285-2040 N323
Library 285-2057 N200
Maintenance 285-2555  



Police Dept. GCC 285-2246  
Public Affairs & Marketing 285-2065 S421
Publication Services 285-2274 N022
Registrar's Office/Records 285-2020 N214
Security 285-2246 Drop In Room N105
Security North Haven Campus 285-2315  
Student Activities 285-2208 S109
Wellness Center 285-2480 N114
Workforce Development
/The GREAT Center
285-2300 N104


Listings by Name

Name Department

Phone Number

Area Code (203) unless otherwise indicated

Room Email
Abdulrahman, Iman Public Affairs/
Marketing Graphics/Website
285-2313 S421
Abell, Norman Math/Science 285-2183 N404
Abrams, Patricia Culinary 285-2269 S115
Agolli, Urfi IT 285-2409 N323
Ahern, Kathleen Student Success Center 285-2092 N213-I
Albert, Dana  Wellness Center 285-2609 N114
Allen, Lisa Purchasing 285-2005 N325
Alsamraie, Abdul Registrar's Office 285-2276 N214
Alston, Linda Early Learning Center 285-2133 E104
Ambrosini, Lynn Workforce Development/
Continuing Ed
285-2080 N104  
Amendola, Annmaria Early Learning Center 285-2135 E104A
Arboleda, Licella Wellness Center 285-2028 N114
Apotrias, Christy Registrar's Office 285-2083 N214
Aspras, John Regent's Cafe Manager 285-2248 N107E
Austin, Julie Allied Health (Radiography) 285-2382 S405E
Babbitt, Catherine College Advancement
Studies (CAS)
285-2104 S216H
Baldassano, Vincent Humanities Art 285-2288 S331
Ballinger, Allan  Social Science 285-2186 S124L
Banks, MaryBeth Nursing 285-2314 S403I
Barlage,III, Edward Automotive 285-2334 S202G
Barlage,III, Edward Automotive 288-6061 NoH 004
Barletta, Lisa Admissions 285-2214 N207
Becker, Jeff IT 285-2043 N323
Bedoya-Rose, Claudia Humanities 285-2163 S305A
Begum, Ropa Educational Technology  285-2221 N318
Bijananda, Sansanee Admissions 285-2149 N207F
Blackmon, Virginia Faculty Support Humanities 285-2150 S305
Blanford, Tracy Nursing 285-2433 S403A
Boateng, Alex Humanities 285-2284 S305D
Boyne, Patricia Human Resources 285-2536 N324
Bozzuto, Vicki Workforce Development/
Continuing Ed
285-2408 N104A
Breaker, Michelle College Advancement Studies (CAS) 285-2119 S216B
Broadie, Dr. Paul President 285-2060
Broderick, Sergeant Cary Campus Police Department 285-2603 N105
Brogan, James Humanities 285-2155 S305G
Brown, Jennifer Library & Learning Commons 285-2469 L202C
Brown, Lucy Human Resources 285-2534 N324A
Bruno, Donna Automotive/Engineering Technologies 285-2428 S303
Bruno, Donna Automotive/Engineering Technologies 288-6069 NoH
Bruno, Mark Math/Science 285-2353 N437
Brunt, James Humanities 285-2118 S305P
Brutza, Carol Social Science 285-2109 S305L
Bryant, Lavanda Financial Aid 285-2031 N215
Buccilli, Michael Counseling and
Student Success 
285-2626 N213I
Burns, Mary Humanities 285-2166 S305R
Callaghan, John Math/Science 285-2605 S401C
Carberry, J Tony Admissions 285-2011 N207C
Cardinale, Veronica Allied Health (Radiation Therapy) 285-2402 S405A
Carvalho, Celia Dual Enrollment 285-2358 S403H
Case, Cara Allied Health (DMS) 285-2383 S405H
Catenza, Richard Maintenance Electrician 285-2137 N024
Chambers, Sarah Early Learning Center 285-2132 E100
Chavis, Edward Maintenance 285-2413 N024
Chenard, Susan Humanities 285-2045 S305F
Cheu, Tsu-Chien Engineering Technologies 285-2374 S303A
Chomicz, Ronald Student Accessibility Services 285-2234 S202C
Ciaburri, Dino Humanities 285-2197 S305
Cifferelli, Michael Library & Learning Commons 285-2052 L103A
Cody, Mary Ellen Development and Community Partnership 285-2296 S427A
Cohen, Jonah Social Science 285-2289 S124D
Cole, Charles Maintenance 285-2138 N024
Comer, Lynn Workforce Development/
Continuing Ed
285-2300 N104
Corbeil, Lisa Counseling and Student Success Center 285-2091 N213
Costanzo, Robert Automotive 288-6063 NoH 004
Costanzo, Robert Automotive 285-2369 S303J
Crocker, Rebecca  Wellness Center 285-2484 N114
Cull, Teresa deSousa  College Advancement Studies (CAS) 285-2237 S214C
Daly, Tara Nursing Faculty 285-2633 S403F
Dancy, Victoria GREAT Center 285-2298 N013
DeBarge, Susan Nursing 285-2437 S405I
DeFigueiredo, Amy Dean of Student Affairs Office 285-2212 N220
Degree, Todd Allied Health (Exercise Science/Wellness) 285-2446 S405L
Degree, Todd Exercise Science & Wellness 285-2446 S111A
DeJesus, Robin Distance Learning 285-2512 N313
Del Valle-Saddler, Teresa Registrar's Office 285-2303 N214
de Livron, Megan Math/Science 285-2454 N427
DeLuca, Suzanne Admissions 285-2215 207B
D'Errico, Nick Educational Technology  285-2508 N318
Desrosiers, John IT 285-2044 N323E
DeStefano, Shauna Library & Learning Commons 285-2059 L101

Diaz, Kim

Purchasing 285-2522 N325


Doninger, Lauren Social Science 285-2601 S124F
Doran, Marcia Allied Health
(Nutrition & Dietetics)
285-2390 S405N
Douskey, Franz Humanities 285-2206 S305K
Eckels, Andrea Nursing Faculty 285-2319 S405K
Edwards, Wanda Admissions 285-2147 N207A
Ellis, Rose Administrative Affairs 285-2021 S406
Eskridge, Sandra Student Success Center 285-2318 N213-G
Evers, Nina Career Services 285-2144 S426C
Fahy, Thomas Social Science 285-2164 S124G
Fanning, Amie Publication Services 285-2228 N021
Ferraro, Brian Maintenance HVAC 285-6100 MN005
Ferro, Dean IT 285-2411 N323G
Finn, Gina Allied Health (Radiation Therapy) 285-2392 S405F
Flynn, Eric Engineering Technologies 285-2371 S303D
Follett Bookstore Bookstore Main Number 865-5614 N109
Foster, Beverly Educational Technology  285-2268 N318
Fraser, Michelle Admissions 285-2141 N207
French, Jaime Step Forward 285-2505 N108A
Fries, Derek IT 285-2041 N323C
Fries, Stephen Business Ed 285-2175 S301E
Frosolone, Germaine
285-2394 S305J
Frosolone, Shelly Dean of Academic Affairs Office 285-2407 N321
Fuller, Dan Automotive 288-6064 NoH 004
Fuller, Dan Automotive 285-2370 S305J
Fuller, Howard Automotive 285-2368 NoH 004
Gaines, Renee Humanities 285-2156 S305Q
Gales, Allen Public Affairs/Marketing  285-2227 S421A
Garcia, Ivette  Counseling & Student Success 285-2091 N213
Garcia, Monica Admissions 285-2014 N207
Gard, Evelyn Public Affairs/Marketing 285-2127 S421B
Garde, Sandra Facilities and Events 285-2555 N025
Gaudioso, Tom Workforce Development 285-2298 N104
Gebuza, Beata Math Professor 285-2152 S401D
Gentile, Christopher Culinary, Interim Program Coordinator 285-2432 S403M
Gibbs, Tanya President's Office 285-2061 S427B
Goldwyn, Judy Career Services 285-2144 N217
Haase, Brenda Dean of Administrative
Affairs Office
285-2022 S406
Haeckel, Claudia Nursing 285-2436 S403B
Halko, Nicholas Humanities Art 285-2241 S329
Halkyard, Rich Engineering Technologies 285-2311 S303K
Hampton, Todd Library & Learning Commons 285-2615 L103B
Hartmann, Heather Early Learning Center 285-2130 SE100
Hastings, Rochelle  Registrar's Office 285-2026 N214
Hayes, Janet Health & Life Sciences 285-2431 S405Q
Hayes, Martha Humanities 285-2159 S305M
Helmeczi, Kristof  Student Success Center 285-2126 N213
Higney, Brian Security 285-2611 N105B
Higney, Christie Human Resources 285-2529 N324D
Hilton, Donnell Dual Enrollment 285-2374 S405Q
Info Line ELC Closings/Delays Info Line ELC 285-2610    
Info Line Faculty/Staff Closings/Delays Info Line Faculty/Staff 285-2222    
Info Line Students Closings/Delays Info
Line for Students
Info Line Faculty "OUT" Faculty "OUT" Info Line (866) 315-2769    
Jackson, Katherine Finance 285-2525 N325
Jacobi, Marilyn College Advancement Studies (CAS) 285-2192 S216C
Jain, Raj Math/Science 285-2182 N413
Jones, Ann Marie Allied Health (Nuclear Medicine Program Coordinator) 285-2381 S405G
Keefe, Elizabeth College Advancement Studies (CAS) 285-2606 S216G
Kessler, Karen Nursing 285-2396 S403D
Kirkland, Earnestine Social Science 285-2189 S124H
Kos, Kaitlyn Workforce Development & Continuing Education 285-2203 S215
Kosinski, Mark Dean of Academic Affairs 285-2077 N321B
Kosnoff, Kristina  Student Success Center 285-2544 N213-J
Kukta, Doug  Director of Student Activities 285-2622 S109
Kusiak, Samantha Student Accessibility  Services 285-2251 S202D
Labonty, Mary-Lynn Human Resources 285-2535 N324C
Lawrence, Kevin Student Development 285-2090 N213
Levine, Susan Nursing 285-2444 S403P
Levinson, Kelly Purchasing 285-2523 N325
Lewis, Alfonzo Ed Tech 285-2268 N318A
Lewis, Carrol Payments 285-2008 N216
Li, Linda Hongyu Financial Aid 285-2291 N215
Li, Lorraine Business Ed 285-2285 S301A
Lickteig, Elaine Allied Health (Dietetic) 285-2389 S405M
Linton, Jamaine Registrar's Office 285-2025 N214
Lipowski, Martha Library & Learning Commons 285-2053 L202F
Lippard, Marianne Public Affairs & Marketing 285-2578 S421
Literacy Volunteers Literacy Volunteers 285-2621 N112  
Litteral, Nancy Step Forward 285-2505 N108A
Livingston, Omar Financial Aid 285-2129 N215B
Lobo, Earle Counseling & Student Success 285-2202 N213
Logan, Dot Step Forward 285-2505 N108A
Lopez, Maribel Registrar's Office 285-2029 N214B
Loteczka, Michael Math/Science 285-2356 N435
Luglio, Rose Small Business Center 285-2198 S105C
Lugo, Maribel Maintenance 285-2138 N024
Luna, Wilson Dean of Student Affairs 285-2210 N218
Lynch, Erika   Workforce Development 285-2302 N104B
Lynch, Mark Math/Science 285-2190 N427
Macnow, Andrea Development/Community Partnership Office 285-2258 S427
Madeux, Monica  Workforce Development/
Continuing Education
285-2301 N014
Magnotti, Mark Human Resources 285-2527 N324
Maisfehlt, Lillian Library & Learning Commons 285-2054 L202D
Maroney, Eric  College Advancement Studies (CAS) 285-2267 S214C
Martone, Michael Mail Room 285-2239 N026
Mason, Carol Payments 285-2006 N216
Masse, Jane Workforce Development 285-2161 N014
Mastropetre, Sandy  Student Success Center 285-2093 N213-F
Maynard, Joe Social Science 285-2050 S124M
McDowell, Jill Finance 285-2007 N325
McFarland, Scott Automotive 285-2405 S305I and NoH 004 (North Haven campus)
McGrath, Thomas Engineering Technologies 285-2378 S303H
McLawhon, Jessica Social Science 285-2165 S124O
Mebane, Cathy Social Science
Mehtar, Mohsin Engineering Technologies 285-2395 S303E
Melendez, Yomira Payments 285-2002 N216
Mena, Clara Center for Educational Services 285-2123 S205D
Meyers, Eric Math/Science 285-2235 N412
Miklos, William IT 285-2367 N323F
Molka, Jadz Maintenance 285-2138 N024
Moon, Leasa Early Learning Center 285-2134 E106A
Morse, Victoria Humanities 285-2160 S305O
Moscato, Susan Registrar's Office 285-2024 N214
Mullally, Bridget College Advancement Studies, Remediation  285-2577 S216A
Mullane, John Student Success Center 285-2095 N213-D
Murphy, Kathleen Business Education 285-2179 S301D
N'Guessan, Marie Helene Early Learning Center 285-2133 E110A
Oblena, Courtney-Jo Educational Technology  285-2575 N318
Okparanta, Stella Early Learning Center 285-2134 E106A
O'Leary, Lauren College Advancement Studies (CAS) 285-2414 S216J
Ortiz, Lucas Maintenance 285-2138 N024
Osambo, John Math/Science 285-2201 N429
Osei, Sam Nursing 285-2495 S405P
Palermo, Mary Early Learning Center 285-2131 E102
Palinko, Rick Veteran Affairs 285-2146 N212
Palm, Lynette Nursing 285-2634 S403G
Palmquist, Dan Culinary 285-2193 S403N
Panagoulias, Lee Math/Science 285-2373 N429
Pandolfi, Alice Allied Health 285-2391 S403O
Parker, Janet Registrar's Office 285-2025 N214
Parker, Kelly Immunization 285-2275 N207
Parsons, Wilhelmenia Business Ed 285-2201 S301
Parsons, Wilhelmenia Math/Science 285-2201 S401
Pempleton, Greg Finance 285-2004 325
Perreault, Conor Library & Learning Commons 285-2089 L101
Perugini, Saverio Math/Science 285-2195 S401C
Petroka, Louise Math/Science 285-2145 N411
Petrovic, Belinda Math/Science 285-2186 N403
Pilco, Analia Payments 285-2003 N216
Piwarzyk, Marcia Humanities 285-2361 S330
Pompano, Carol Development/Community
Partnership Office
285-2112 S427E
Proto, John Workforce Development/
Continuing Education
285-2538 N104C
Potochney, Janice Business Ed 285-2173 S301D
Prince, Joe Maintenance 285-2413 N025
Prior, Roberta Student Activities & Leadership  285-2209 S110C
Raimondo, Deborah Humanities 285-2153 S305B
Rajaniemi, Taylor Educational Technology  285-2221 N318
Randall, Myra Nursing 285-2417 S403C
Randi, Andrew Culinary  285-2154  S403L
Rees, Richard Business Ed 285-2178 S301C
Reyes, Gladys IT 285-2612 N323
Richter, Angela Dean of Academic Affairs Office 285-2075 N321
Rish, Anthony Automotive 288-6066 NoH 004
Rish, Anthony Automotive 285-2434 N431
Rivera, Ada Workforce Development/ SNAP Coordinator 285-2299 N010
Rivera, Christina Scillia Public Affairs/Marketing 285-2062 S421
Rivera, Jennifer Registrar's Office 285-2276 N214
Roberts, Leigh Workforce Development/
Continuing Ed
285-2143 N104
Roller, Lynn Allied Health (DMS),
Distance Learning
285-2295 N313
Rosado, Wilfredo Business Ed 285-2174 S301L
Roussat, Marilee Baker Workforce Development/
Continuing Education
285-2128 N104
Russo, Eileen Social Science 285-2360 S124N
Russo, Teresa Social Science 285-2286 S124C
Rydene, Heidi Math/Science 285-2184 N414
Sacal, George IT 285-2366 N323
Salay, Larry IT 285-2046 N323D
Schettenhelm, Rachael College Advancement
Studies (CAS)
285-2191 S216D
Schnepf, Chester Humanities 285-2205 S305C
Schrader, Jonathan Step Forward 285-2505 N108A
Scippa, John  Student Success Center 285-2548 N213-H
Rev. John Henry Scott, III, Esq Business Ed 285-2171 S301J
Scott, Linda Nursing 285-2403 S403
Security  Security Main Line 285-2246 Lobby  
Segaloff, Barbara Development and Community Partnerships 285-2258 S427
Serrano, Maria Educational Technology  285-2221 N318
Sesanker, Colena Social Science 285-2106 S124I
Shannon, Cher Social Science 285-2321 S124B
Shea, Kim Social Science 285-2116 S124E
Shen, Ken Math/Science 285-2365 S401B
Simone, Lucian Facilities & Events 285-2223 S103
Sirois, Melissa Human Resources 285-2599 N324
Smeraglia, John Student Success Center 285-2124 N213
Smith, Imani CONNTAC EOC 285-2216 N212
Soler, Luis Maintenance 285-2138 N024
Solernou, Sheila Nursing/Allied Health Director 285-2393 S403J
Sorrentino, Kimberly Allied Health (DMS) 285-2506 S405J
Spencer, Susan Math/Science 285-2452 S401E
Sanditz Travel Agency State of CT Contracted Travel Agency (800) 858-4456    
Stewart, John  Student Development Athletics 285-2213 N213J
Sullivan, Dan Math/Science 285-2181 N416
Sweeney, Amanda College Advancement Studies (CAS) 285-2551 S216K
Swirsky, Susan Development/Community Partnership Office 285-2617 S427C
Taylor, Niahri Career Services 285-2143 N213C
Teel, Vicky Workforce Development 285-2300 N104
Thayer, Richard Allied Health (Radiology) 285-2401 S405B
Tinari, Dean Allied Health (Exercise Science) 285-2503 S4050
Thomas, Charlene Facilities/Campus Room Reservations 285-2265 N00
Tong, Vincent Institutional Research 285-2415 S427D
Tremblay, R.E. Math/Science 285-2185 N438
Ukah, Cyprian Engineering Technologies 285-2375 S303C
Valencia Daye, Carmelita Social Science 285-2172 S124P
Valentin, Sheri Business Ed 285-2169 S301H
Van Antwerp, Taylor Dual Enrollment 285-2070 S405R
Vega, Elizabeth Admissions 285-2013 N207D
Veselak, Kristina M.  Social Science 285-2229 S124K
Viola, Jaye Allied Health (Radiography) 285-2385 S405C
Vollano-Morrison, Toni Public Affairs & Marketing 285-2101 S421
Walker, Don Distance Learning 285-2038 N318E
Walker, Mari Public Affairs/Marketing 285-2067 S421
Walker Williams, Stacy Business Ed 285-2462 S301
Walsh, Pamela Workforce Development/
Continuing Education
285-2142 N104
Walsh, Sara  Student Success Center 285-2091 N213
Weather Closings (see Info Line) 285-2049    
Wenderoth-Holster, Jennifer Gender Equity Center 285-2412 N110
Williams, Anne Business Ed 285-2170 S301N
Williams, Marion ELC 285-2135 E104A
Williams, Roger Student Development 285-2544 N217
Willoughby, John Step Forward 285-2505 N108A
Winterbottom, Wesley Math/Science 285-2354 N430
Woolums, Virginia Humanities 285-2162 S305H
Yang, Jianxin Library & Learning Commons 285-2158 L202E
Zeek, Raymond Financial Aid 285-2032 N215C
Zuluaga, Clara Maintenance 285-2136 N024