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Professional counselors are available to help students obtain the most from their college experience. GCC offers students comprehensive counseling services, including assistance with referrals to confidential community resources, interventions for crisis situations, and guidance on managing personal concerns that interfere with educational goals.

Counselors are available by appointment during most hours the College is in session, and offer limited confidentiality to students. Come speak to a counselor about what this will mean for you. If you want to meet with a completely confidential counselor, then we can assist you with an appropriate referral. Our goal is to provide you with wellness options so you can choose your best fit. To speak to a counselor, please contact us in room N114, call (203) 285-2480, or utilize the link on the right hand column for online scheduling. Click on Frequently Asked Questions for more details about counseling appointments.

On-Campus Services

  • Gender Equity Center support services and referrals related to gender-based violence, survivors of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, acts of bias based on sexual orientation, women's health, sexual orientation and identity.
  • Center for Students & Families (CSF)
    Students who engage with the CSF enter into a hybrid program that involves basic case management and Gateway's Achievement coaching to address both basic needs such as housing and student success.


Personal Support Resources

Addiction & Substance Abuse Basic Needs: Food/Clothing/Shelter
Behavioral & Mental Health Interpersonal Violence & Emergency Housing
Health Insurance & Access to Care Sexual Assault Resources
Spiritual Communities  Transportation

Counseling & Personal Support Frequently Asked Questions

CARE Report

QPR Suicide Prevention Training

Interpersonal Violence & Emergency Housing

Online Mental Health Resources

Students seeking information and/or resources in the areas of health, mental health, and wellness will find these listed websites helpful. Be sure to check out their free online depression and anxiety screenings. 

Walk-in Services for Mental Health

Community Mental Health Authority
M-F 9a-4p
34 Park Street, 1st Fl
New Haven, CT
(203) 974-7300
West Haven Mental Health
M-W & F  9a-3p
Th 11a-3p
270 Center Street
West Haven, CT
(203) 974-5900
M-F 8a-5p
941 Bridgeport Avenue
Milford, CT
(203) 878-6365


Referrals for Personal Counseling

The Student Success Center encourages faculty and staff to refer students who appear to be struggling either emotionally or academically. Our counselors are prepared to assist students in handling transition and change more effectively, as well as sharpening time management and problem-solving skills to enhance academic and personal growth. Referrals can be made through the CARE Report, located on the right side of this page.


Referring a Friend for Personal Counseling

It can be very difficult when someone you care about is in pain. You might find yourself feeling helpless, frightened, frustrated, or angry. You can't make your friend seek help if they don't want to or don't feel they need it, but here are some things you might offer them as a friend:

  • Let your friend know, in a private setting, that you are concerned. Suggest that he or she make an appointment with a counselor to see if we can be of help. Try to phrase your communications in "I" language, rather than "you" language: for example, "I care about you and I am distressed when I see you hurting" rather than "You are in trouble and you need help."
  • Offer to sit with your friend while he/she calls for an appointment.
  • Offer to accompany your friend to the first appointment and either wait in the waiting area or go in to the appointment with him/her.
  • File a Care Report (Care Reports are used to "report" students who are exhibiting issues or behavior causing some concern).

You may come to the Student Success Center and talk with a counselor about your worries about your friend. You need not tell the counselor your friend's name if you think it might upset him/her. By coming in yourself, you will be showing your friend how to seek out consultation and support, making it possible for them to do the same.

Call 24 Hours A Day

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Other HELP Lines

Crisis Line
Alcoholics Anonymous
Cocaine Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous