New Health and Life Sciences


Gateway Community College is excited to be a participant in the Health and Life Sciences Grant Initiative. The purpose is to expand training opportunities. The academic programs will provide the expertise and competence that employers have stated that prospective employees need. This will allow students to move into skilled jobs in areas where the labor market demand is high.  Some programs can be completed within a year or two of study; others programs prepare students for the pursuit of degrees at four-year colleges.

To move successfully into the health and life sciences, students will need more occupation-related knowledge, skills, workplace experience and for many occupations, a specific certificate or license may be required. Gateway is responding to employers’ requirements by providing students the following:

  • Day and evening classes
  • Align for-credit programs with industry-recognized credentials and skills.
  • Math and science online tutorials.
  • Online and hybrid courses to accelerate course completion.
  • College credits may be available for students Explore students’ work skills and on-the-job learning to assess possible college credits or Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs).
  • Recruitment and Placement Services counselors that mentor participants through a pathway towards careers in growing industries.

Today’s workforce is changing and Gateway is offering education to our community by developing market-driven, powerful new programs in cooperation with area industry and employers’ needs and skills.

Who can benefit from these programs?

  • Veterans
  • Trade adjusted assistance (TAA) recipients
  • WIA recipients (the Workforce Investment Act can help people seeking job and may offer help with college tuition toward a certificate or degree)
  • Dislocated or unemployed people
  • Anyone interested in a new career

Our programs

Radiography Diagnositc Medical Sonography Pre-Dental Hygiene Transfer Compact
Electronic Health Records and Coding Nutrition and Dietetic Technology (AS) CT Scan
Nursing (AS) Radiation Therapy Fire Fighter I and II

Click here to download the Health and Life Sciences Brochure

Counselors help to promote student success

Counselors are available in Student Services to help students explore the possibility of college credits available through testing or on the job experience. These counselors will help students find internships and job opportunities and placement. Individual assistance is available for people with Veteran’s benefits, WIA and TAA funding (available by Fred Pratt).

Learn more about our programs by contacting:

Leigh Roberts, Recruitment & Placement Coordinator
Phone: 203-285-2143

Rick Palinko, Recruitment & Placement Coordinator
Phone: 203-285-2146

Fred Pratt, CT Works Recruitment & Placement Coordinator
Phone: 203-624-1493, ext.  x251

Janet Hayes, Curriculum innovation Coordinator for Health & Life Sciences

Celia Carvalho, Health & Life Sciences Grant Assistant