Requirements of the Program

  • High School Partnerships is available to High School Junior and Seniors in Gateway's service area towns and cities
  • The student must have overall B average in High School
  • The student's  guidance counselor must recommend the student involvement in the program
  • The student is required to have ACT or SAT scores, or take a placement exam, in order to partipate
  • The student must register on or after the designated High School Partnership date (typically the week prior to the Gateway class start date)
  • Students are eligible for only one course per semester
  • All tuition and fees are waived for the course, however, students are responsible for books and transportation 
  • Students must successfully complete one course in order to continue the next semester 
  • The Application process is required each semester

Background Information

The Board of Regents for Higher Education has provided an opportunity for high schools students to attend the community college prior to graduation.  

Contact Information

Public Schools
Students should contact their guidance counselor

Gateway Community College
Elizabeth Vega, Interim Director of Admissions, 203-285-2013,

For More Information

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Vega, Interim Director of Admissions, 203-285-2013,