Admissions Process

Start the admission and enrollment process early! Don’t postpone it. For admission to the GCC College Now program you must:

  • Meet with your high school CN representative to learn about the program and check your eligibility.
  • If eligible, complete a CN application for admission. You will be notified by your school representative if you were accepted into the course. He/she will help you with all communication related to the CN courses.
  • 10th-grade students can apply to the CN program if they have been identified as gifted or have permissions from the appropriate person at their high school.

Upon acceptance into the course you will:

  • Save time. When graduating from high school you will already have a head start on your college education and the skills needed to succeed.
  • Save money. You can lower the cost of your overall college education.
  • Have schedule flexibility in college by completing general education courses while still in high school.
  • Demonstrate academic initiative and seriousness when applying to colleges and universities.
  • Have access to ample academic resources in the GCC library, computer labs, and other academic supports.

Available Courses

If you are a junior or senior high school student, you can enroll in select college courses offered at and in cooperation with your high school. Click here to see the classes offered at your school.