Enrollment Timeline Table

The GCC College Now Program follows the GCC academic calendar. Students are strongly encouraged to apply and register during the semester prior to the semester in which courses are scheduled to start. Below are the College Now enrollment dates for 2018-19. Please note that forms will not be accepted after the deadline.

Fall 2018 September 4 - September 14, 2018 Course registration period
Fall 2018 November 8, 2018 Last day to withdrawal from a Fall course
Spring 2019 January 2 - January 17, 2019 Course registration period
Spring 2018 March 21, 2019 Last day to withdrawal from a Spring course
2018-19 Year-Long September 4 - September 14, 2018 Course registration period
2018-19 Year-Long February 7, 2019 Last day to withdrawal from a year-long course



The GCC College Now courses are free for eligible high school students. This is a great advantage when students apply for Gateway’s programs. Cost savings can range from $232 to $1,571 (data based on CSCU tuition & fees rates for 2016-2017 academic year).



College Now students are subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Visit our FERPA site for more information on this federally mandated privacy law. For additional guidance contact the Admissions or the Student Affairs office.


Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

If you need to withdraw from a course for any reason, talk to your CN representative and complete a “Drop or Withdrawal". This form must be signed by you and the appropriate person at your high school, and submitted to the College Now office by the deadline stated above. Here is the list of CN representatives. Contact him/her as soon as you make your decision. Failure to do so may impact your financial aid in the future.


COLLEGE NOW Representatives at Partner High Schools

Bullard Havens HS Rosemary Huber 203-579-6333  x6488
East Haven HS Joseph Marangell 203-468-3254  x361
Eli Whitney Technical HS Jeanne Willinski 203-397-4031  x3898
Emmett O'Brien Technical HS Jessica Nagy 203-732-1814
Hamden HS Daniel Cocchiola 203-407-2040  x5116
Hill Regional Career HS Rosalba Zajac 475-220-5000
Lyman Hall HS Sharon Drossopoulos 203-294-5350
Metropolitan Business Academy Christoph Whitback 203-497-7700
North Haven HS Carol Ardito 203-239-1641  x2752
Platt Technical HS Susan Parisi 203-783-5300  x314
West Haven HS Eric Rice 203-937-4360  x5184
Wilbur Cross HS Nathaniel Bradshaw 203-497-7400  x7474
H.C. Wilcox Technical HS Michelle DellaVecchia 203-317-5969


Grading Policy

As a College Now student, you must adhere to the same grading policies as traditional Gateway college students. Since college credits can be earned, you will receive a college transcript and are subject to the same federal financial aid regulations as traditional college students. You may receive the following grades on your college transcript:

D – Drop     If you drop a course by the allowed date (check the “Enrollment Timeline” table above), your name will be removed from the class roster and your college transcript will indicate you dropped from a college course. A dropped course will not impact your academic status or financial aid eligibility, and you will not receive credit. To drop, you must complete a "Drop or Withdrawal" form, available from your high school representative.

W – Withdrawal     If you decide to stop your College Now studies after the allowed date (check the “Enrollment Timeline” table above), you will receive a grade of “W” on your transcript. To withdraw, you must complete a "Drop or Withdrawal" form available from your CN school representative. You must withdraw from a course no later than the allowed date. After that date, your transcript will reflect the grade you earned in the class. A “W” results in NO grade and NO credit, and may negatively impact your academic status or financial aid eligibility at GCC.

F – Fail     A failed course results in an “F” grade, which will negatively impact your GPA and may affect eligibility for financial aid and future enrollment at GCC.


Math Grading Policy

With the exception of math courses, the above grading polices apply to all Gateway College Now courses. Students enrolled in a College Now math course must earn a minimum of 73% in the class and score a minimum of 73% on the math final exam, or pass either a standardized test (CLEP) or the Assessment by Examination test offered by Gateway Community College. Students completing MAT 095 must meet the same criteria in MAT 137. Students who do not meet these requirements will have the course removed from their transcript.


To obtain official copies of your college transcripts for mailing to other colleges and universities, submit a “transcript request”. Please visit the College Transcripts page on this website for more details. Transcripts are free of cost. No official transcripts can be picked up at GCC office. The fastest and preferred way to obtain your official transcript is by requesting it online. A paper copy is also available. Requests for a paper copy must be entered at the "Paper Transcript" link.


Transferring Credits

Transfer credits from GCC to another institution may be accepted in a variety of ways, including course for course, for a major or minor, elective credit, or placement into a higher level course. It is the discretion of the receiving institution to determine whether they will accept transfer credits from another college or university and how those credits will be applied. It is strongly recommended that you check with the college or university of your choice for acceptance of GCC transfer credit before registering for a GCC course.