College Now is a concurrent enrollment program at Gateway Community College that provides a wide range of career and technical course options for junior and senior high school students. These courses allow students to experience college-level coursework while simultaneously earning college and high school credit, to start a certificate or degree program, and to gain confidence for continuing their education beyond high school.

High school administrators and instructors can find detailed information on how to become a College Now partner school in the College Now Information Packet booklet.

Accreditation & Transfer

Accreditation     GCC is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Commission of Institutions of Higher Education and is a member of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (ConnSCU).

NACEP     The GCC College Now program is built on the standards and recommendations from the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships.

Policies & Procedures

Instructors and students are required to follow the policies and procedures which govern Gateway Community College. These include, but are not limited to, the following related areas: Attendance, Grading, Important Deadlines for Students, Academic Probation (Progress), and Withdrawal /Drop Procedures. Details of each may be found in the GCC Catalog. Also, instructors must comply with the NEASC/NECHE Policy on Dual Enrollment Programs.


High School Administration

The High School Administration will provide an environment that encourages and supports CN opportunities. The administration will assist in establishing College Now courses in the school schedule and help to ensure that College Now instructors are adhering to all GCC academic policies and procedures.


High School Roles & Responsibilities

The high school administration must designate a person to serve as College Now representative. This individual could be an instructor or other staff member whose primarily duties are:

Course Preparation

  1. Offer to qualified high school students an opportunity to earn occupational credit through College Now courses, according to the MOU between Gateway Community College (GCC) and partner high school.
  2. Work with GCC CN Coordinator and GCC faculty to manage all CN program activities and course development.
  3. Along with GCC CN Coordinator and GCC faculty, evaluate course offerings, ensure 100% curriculum alignment, and satisfy CN teacher qualifications.
  4. Develop CN courses, along with GCC CN Coordinator and GCC Faculty.
  5. Encourage teachers who wish to instruct CN courses to: a) submit Partner Instructor application to GCC CN Coordinator (pg. 9-10); b) submit official transcripts and resume to GCC CN Coordinator; and c) meet as needed with GCC CN Coordinator.
  6. Upon approval, CN Instructors must submit required curriculum documents for review for all potential CN course(s).
  7. Publicize and promote GCC CN programs to students and distribute promotional material.


Application & Registration

  1. Assist GCC CN Coordinator with application and registration materials and procedures.  
  2. Deliver CN student application and registration documents to GCC CN Coordinator in a timely fashion.


Course Administration

  1. Facilitate CN instructor and course evaluations/observations by GCC.


Post Course Review

Distribute to all involved students the CN end-of-course questionnaire, which evaluates the program’s benefits.


College Now forms for Instructors & School District Personnel

Request for Course Approval Form (PDF)
Curriculum Outline Template (PDF)
Course Syllabus Checklist (PDF)
Course Syllabus Template (PDF)
Partner Instructor Application (PDF)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDFs.