Concurrent enrollment refers to students who earn both high school and college credit for college-approved courses, which are normally offered at the high school site and taught by college-approved secondary instructors.


Course Approval Process

In general, eligible GCC College Now courses are only those courses that exceed the regular high school curriculum. The following procedure is used for initial approval of a course to be offered through the CN program:

  1. Once an instructor has been approved to teach a course, the Request for Course Approval (RCA) and the Curriculum Outline (CO) forms must be completed. The corresponding GCC Master Course Syllabus should be used as a basis for the RCA and CO, and for development of the College Now course syllabus.
  2. The completed forms, along with the original high school course syllabus, should be forwarded to the GCC College Now office.
  3. The documents will be forwarded to the appropriate program area for review and consideration. A meeting may be needed to discuss any details regarding the curriculum and clarify questions from all parties involved.
  4. Each approved GCC College Now course will be subject to ongoing review. Substantial curricular changes at the secondary school site and/or the college may require resubmittal for course approval.


Course Syllabi

The high school curriculum must be aligned to meet college course competencies, learning outcomes, and grading policies, which requires the use of the corresponding GCC course master syllabus. A course syllabus is required each time a course is offered. The GCC Master Course syllabus template can be found here and may be helpful in the development of your course syllabus.

A copy of the course syllabus should be provided to all GCC College Now students at the beginning of each College Now course.


College Now Liaisons

GCC College Now programmatic liaisons are the crucial link between the high school course and GCC campus faculty and staff. Each department/program has a dedicated liaison to work with and guide high school partner instructors. They are:

Program/Department GCC College Now Liaison
Automotive Technology

Dan Fuller
Professor/ Department Chair

Culinary Arts Erica O’Brien
GCC Instructor 
Early Childhood Education Carmelita Valencia Daye
Professor/ Early Childhood Education Coordinator
Health & Life Technologies Julie Mangini
Adjunct/Allied Health  
Mathematics Sam Perugini
Professor/ Mathematic Coordinator 
Mathematics (College Advancement Studies) Rachael Schettenhelm
CAS Math Professor    


Professional Development

Professional Development is an important part of the GCC College Now program, as it provides for collegial interaction and strengthens teaching and learning both on campus and in our secondary school partners.
Attendance at two professional development events per year is required of each instructor. The GCC College Now office will notify you and your CN representative about dates and topics discussed. Sign-in rosters at the beginning of each event, and an exit survey, will be used as a means to track attendance.

Educational Qualifications

NEASC/NECHE and NACEP mandate that high school instructors teaching college or university courses through a concurrent enrollment program must meet the academic requirements for faculty and instructors teaching in the equivalent course at the post-secondary institution. If you are interested in teaching a GCC College Now course, please review the table below prior to submitting the Partner Instructor Application. If you do not meet the hiring criteria, your school's CN representative should contact the GCC College Now office. Exceptions must be approved by the GCC Liaison and the College Now office before assigning a GCC College Now class.