Fire Technology and Administration

Associate in Science

The Associate degree program in Fire Technology and Administration trains and educates competent leaders in fire protection, prevention, and administration. It also provides training and education for insurance companies and industries involved in fire prevention and protection.
Fire technologists work in career and volunteer fire departments; local, state, and federal government agencies; industry, architectural and construction firms, and insurance organizations. They must recognize the need for fire prevention activities, the necessity of educating both children and adults in fire safety, and the importance of enforcing fire prevention codes.
Because fire technologists encounter a broad spectrum of problems and must be well versed in many subjects, the work of the fire technologist is seldom routine. The effective fire technologist continually improves the world in which we live by making it a safer place and by reducing the misery caused by uncontrolled fire.
The Associate in Science degree in Fire Technology and Administration helps students meet the professional standards established by the National Fire Protection Association, the Connecticut Commission on Fire Prevention and Control, and the Connecticut Fire Marshal’s Training Council.


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