General Motors - Automotive Service Education Program (ASEP)

Associate in Applied Science 

The Automotive Service Education Program (ASEP) was designed by General Motors and Gateway Community College. This unique, cooperative program trains students for a challenging career in a General Motors and AC Delco sponsored automotive repair facilities. Through a special arrangement, students attend classes and labs at the North Haven Campus and then work full-time at a sponsoring GM or AC Delco garage. Students in the ASEP program receive state-of-the-art instruction on General Motors’ products. Vehicles, parts, engines, tools, training manuals, and materials are provided by General Motors Corporation. 

Students seeking acceptance into the Automotive Technology (GM-ASEP) A.A.S. degree program will have to apply to the program by April 20 prior to their enrollment in the program. Requirements to apply are: 

  1. Complete the program application form 
  2. Complete all developmental mathematics courses (if necessary) and be eligible for MAT* 115 
  3. Complete all developmental English courses (if necessary) and be eligible for ENG* 101 
  4. Comlete AUT* 112, AUT* 122, AUT* 132, or test out of an automotive specification course in accordance to college policy 
  5. Complete the Automotive Programs’ placement exam 
  6. Interview with the Program Coordinator for the program that the student is applying 
  7. Have a valid driver’s license issued by one of the 50 states in United States that does not have any restrictions that would prohibit the student from operating an automotive on public roads 

Selection of students will be completed by June 1 and students will be notified shortly after. Once students are selected for enrollment into the program, they will have until August 20 to find a sponsor for their internships at a GM automotive dealership or AC Delco repair facility to remain in the degree program. Sponsorship of students is a requirement throughout the program to include at the time of graduation from Gateway Community College. Upon completion of the ASEP program, students will receive an Associate in Applied Science degree in Automotive Technology from Gateway Community College. The program offers opportunities for future specialization and advancement to management. This program has been evaluated by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation Inc. (NATEF) and certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Students are encouraged to take the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exams for each of the eight automotive subject areas for national certification. 


For More Information contact: 

Dan Fuller
Program Coordinator
(203) 285-2370



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