Business Administration Accounting Option

Associate in Science

The complexity of society requires trained personnel to interpret and manage the fiscal aspects of business and industry. The curriculum of the Business Administration Accounting Option is designed to be either a transfer program or a career program. Career-oriented students are prepared for entry-level positions in public and private accounting. Students may also consider transferring credit earned in this program toward a Bachelors degree. 

Business Administration Accounting Option Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to:

  • Apply generally accepted accounting principles in the recording and reporting of financial information.
  • Describe accounting system procedures and techniques.
  • Analyze and use financial reports for decision making.
  • Explain the use of financial information in controlling and evaluating performance.
  • Communicate effectively using the vocabulary of financial and managerial accounting and economics.
  • Explain how budgeting, activity-based costing, and strategic cost management foster the effective use of resources and help an organization accomplish its goals.
  • Use computerized spreadsheets and accounting software.
  • Apply basic knowledge from history, social sciences, behavioral sciences, arts, literature, and natural sciences to solve unfamiliar problems.
  • Demonstrate reasoning and analytic skills.
  • Work with others, including culturally and intellectually diverse people.
  • Demonstrate the ability to acquire, organize, and present information effectively, regardless of medium, written, spoken, or electronic.
  • Show how organizational dynamics and sociopolitical and economic environments influence the creation of solutions.
  • Display the traits and attitudes that promote ongoing success and a strong work ethic.


For more information contact:

Rich Rees
Business Department Chairperson
(203) 285-2178



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