Center for Sustainable Future (CSF)


Technical and Business Development Knowledge and Skills for Greening Our Economy

The CSF renewable energy programs in solar photovoltaics and solar thermal are affiliated with the standards of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Most of our technical skills training take place in the College’s new state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic and solar thermal lab located on the North Haven campus. We are thankful for the financial support of the CT Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority and the Northeast Photovoltaic Training Network in building this great new facility.

Course options are available in the following categories:

            Solar Learning for Operators

            Solar Heating for Licensed Plumbers

            Solar Energy Learning for Consumers

            Sustainable Business Development Topics

            Building Science Applications for Practitioners

            Project Management

            Geothermal Energy Systems Introduction

            Green Business Incubators’ Group

Contact the center for customized programs for your business or workplace.

Click on the left panel link for Registration Information. The telephone number for Faxing your registration is: (203) 285-2018.

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To find out whether you are eligible for green educational benefits, contact the local offices of the CT Department of Labor or Workforce Investment Board in your area or one of the offices below to begin the application process NOW!


 For Veterans: Advocacy and Assistance, Tel:  (860) 866-7355 
 GCC Career Services: Tel:  (203) 285-2144
 For Full Time Workers: Employers may apply for 50% of green training costs.
 CT Department of Labor: (203) 859-3454 or (203) 859-3452



For more information contact:

Dr. David N. Cooper
(203) 285-2323 or  
(203) 508-6003

Theresa Kasun
(203) 285-2448 or
(203) 508-6000


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