Web Development Certificate

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This fast-paced professional certification program, is designed to teach ‘in demand’ web development skills including PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. This non-credit Web Development Certificate program prepares students for professional web developer careers, including those who are interested in developing functional aspects of websites including database integration, programming, and other server-side components.

  • Gain the skills to develop, debug and maintain code on commercial websites
  • Design, query and optimize relational databases
  • Utilize version control systems and cloud computing resources.

Prerequisites for this course include: GED or High School Diploma, experience with computer software and a demonstrated competency in computer literacy, math, logic and reasoning.



Students will learn the best practices for building modern websites based on HTML5 and CSS3. The course begins with the structure of HTML documents; HTML tags and attributes; and semantic markup. From there we progress to the basics of Cascading Style Sheets; classes and ids; units of measurement; and floats and positions. The course is very much applied – with students learning how to turn progressively more complex mockups into HTML and CSS.

CRN 2100 CEU 2.7

Tuesday &Thursday, January 16 - February 13

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Room N103 

Colin Ryan $700.00


This course begins with a primer of JavaScript and builds on that to move in depth into jQuery and highly dynamic frontend applications. Initial topics include the Document Object Model; principles of programming like variables, functions, conditionals, and loops; events and event listeners. The jQuery component expands on these concepts and adds AJAX and JSON and a wide range of jQuery functions. Each student will create their own jQuery application. Prerequisite: HTML & CSS3 

CRN 2088 CEU 3.3

Tuesday & Thursday, February 15 - March 22

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Room N103 

Colin Ryan $800.00


This course covers programming fundamentals – variables, arrays, conditionals, loops and proceed to Object-Oriented PHP. PHP topics include: classes and methods; public, private, and protected scope; static and abstract classes; object inheritance; MVC and application routing. Students will also learn how to receive frontend requests via AJAX and store state using cookies and sessions. The MySQL portion of the course will introduce the concept of a relational database and then cover MySQL field types, indices, statements, and joins. Prerequisite: HTML & CSS3

CRN 2089 CEU 5.1

Tuesday & Thursday, March 27 - May 22

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Room N103

Colin Ryan $1,300.00


This course utilizes PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, and HTML to develop public facing, RESTful applications that may utilize any number of 3rd party APIs. The goal is to deepen students' understanding of the web development process through conceptualization, creation, testing, deployment, and iteration. Students need to have their local development environment setup prior to the first class. Prerequisite: HTML & CSS3, PHP & MySQL.

CRN 2090 CEU 3.0

Tuesday & Thursday, May 29 - June 28

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Room N103

Colin Ryan $700.00