Connecticut State Universities Dual Admission/Transfer Compact Agreement

The Transfer Compact agreement between the CCCS (Connecticut Community College System) and the CSU (Central, Eastern, Southern, & Western Connecticut State University) system is available to Gateway students who have completed (received grades for) fewer than 15 college credits and who plan to transfer to a CSU after they have completed an Associate Degree. Students are guaranteed admission to their designated CSU institution upon completion of the Associate Degree with a 2.0 grade point average. In addition, Gateway students are advised by both schools throughout their associate-degree program. Students interested in enrolling in the Transfer Compact must meet with Maria Nosel in the Counseling and Student Success Center

Engineering Science Pathway at Local Colleges and Universities

The Engineering Science Pathway program allows community college students to follow an integrated curriculum at Connecticut’s public and private colleges and universities, allowing individuals to begin their studies at Gateway Community College and progress directly into a bachelor’s degree program at a 4‐year university. The curriculum consists of two distinct pathways: engineering and technology.

The student may transfer to the following institutions: University of Connecticut, School of Engineering at the University of Hartford, School of Engineering at the University of New Haven, School of Engineering at Fairfield University, School of Technology at Central Connecticut State University or Charter Oak State College. For more information please contact Professor Susan Spencer, Room S401E, (203) 285‐2452.

University of Connecticut (UConn) Dual Admission

The Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) is an agreement between the Connecticut Community College System and the University of Connecticut designed for students who plan to earn a bachelor's degree in either Liberal Arts and Sciences or Agriculture and Natural Resources. To be eligible for the GAP program, students must have earned 16 or fewer credits at Gateway and be enrolled in our Liberal Arts and Science degree program. To find out more about GAP, or to sign up for the program, see Dr. Lauren Doninger, Room S124C,  (203) 285--2601.

University of New Haven Dual Admission Agreement

Under the Dual Admissions Agreement, GCC students with an associate degree will be guaranteed admission into UNH’s Bachelor’s Degree programs including part‐time evening, and Accelerated Degree programs with third‐year (junior) status, based on the following:

  • Students must graduate from GCC with an associate of science, associate of arts or specific associate of applied science degree for which there are program‐to program agreements.
  • Students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.50 or better; students with GPA’s below 2.5 will be reviewed on an individual basis by UNH.
  • Students must satisfy all other UNH admissions requirements.
  • Students must complete their associate degree within five years of submitting the Dual Admissions Intent form.
  • Students should apply for admissions and into their intended major and program of study during the second semester sophomore year at GCC.

Academic awards up to $12,000 will be granted to qualified full‐time and part‐time students based on GPA’s. The application is available in the Counseling Center. For more information see the UNH website.