Student Activities and Leadership Programs



The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs is a student-centered organization that enhances the academic experience through an extensive array of cultural, education, recreation, social and leadership programs.  By offering these programs and services, we create an environment for individuals to interact and learn from one another. Through service to the campus community, we foster interactive and developmental experiences in leadership and service.

Gateway's Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs along with our student organizations coordinate a wide variety of social, cultural, recreational, leadership and special activities that enrich both the College and community. Most activities are primarily for students, but some are open to the public. Student activity fees fund the student activities program within the framework of a yearly budget approved and administered by the Student Government Association. To see a complete list of student organizations, click here.

Organizations and Activities

Gateway Community College aims to make each student's experience culturally, as well as academically, rewarding. Throughout the year, the College's student organizations, along with the Student Government Association, sponsor a variety of cultural programs covering a wide range of the performing arts. Nationally renowned authors, artists, speakers, and performers have appeared on campus.

Leadership Development

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs presents a variety of programs designed to enhance the leadership development of our student leaders. Through a formal leadership series, national leadership conference participation, a Certified Student Leadership Series, an academic course in leadership  and a variety of other means, students will have the opportunity to develop and augment their own personal leadership skills.

Community Outreach Programs

Special philanthropic events are held throughout the year to benefit the community. These include Red Cross blood drives, free blood pressure screenings, food drives, wellness expositions, seasonal events, and more.

New Student Orientation

Research demonstrates that students who are properly oriented to the college achieve a higher level of academic success than those who are not.  The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs provides a comprehensive New Student Orientation Program for incoming students and their parents or spouses. The program fosters a sense of community and identifies key areas of the College that all new students should become familiar with. Additionally, each student who participates will be assigned a New Student Orientation Leader who will serve as a mentor for his or her new students.

For returning students who are interested in serving as a New Student Orientation Leader, applications are available beginning in February.

Employment Opportunities

There are many Student Labor positions available in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.  To fill out an employment application, please click here.

  • Certified Student Leadership Program
  • ConnScu Leadership Summit
  • New Student Orientation Leadership Program
  • Course in Leadership
  • Student Organization Training Retreats
  • Student Leadership Conference Grants