Join the Cookie Crawl

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This holiday season, helping those in need has never been easier—or tasted so good. Gateway Community College is partnering with Town Green Special Services District to sponsor a Cookie Crawl at Shine On9. Tickets cost $15. The crawl will take place Friday, December 7 from 6-8PM. It will begin at The Grove, 71 Orange Street.

Gateway’s Culinary Department will bake 13 different types of cookies for the event: coconut macaroon, Spritz, Snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, pecan bars, Thumb Print, oatmeal craison, brownies, chocolate chocolate chip, butterscotch brownies, sugar cookies, chocolate oatmeal, and ginger cookies.

The event’s proceeds benefit Gateway Community College’s “Neighbors in Need” dinner. The participation fee ($12 of which supports the dinner) includes a keepsake cookie box and a map of participating businesses, which are: The Grove; GCC; green well being; green well Organic Tea & Coffee; Graffio Jewelers; Neville’s Fashion Design Studio; Reynolds Fine Arts; Arpaia Lang; Breathing Room & Adae Fine Art Academy; English Building Market; Project Storefronts; Infinite Well/Bodywork; Luck & Levity Brewshop; and Elm City Market.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit On9 New Haven.