CT Community College Policies

Please see our employee manual for a list of all our policies

Earned Sick Leave

Earned sick leave is granted to an employee who is incapacitated for duty. An acceptable medical certificate (submitted to the Human Resources Office) is required to substantiate a request for sick leave in the following situations:

  • Any period of absence of more than five (5) consecutive working days;
  • Absence from duty which recurs frequently or habitually, provided that the employee has been notified that a certificate will be required; and
  • Leave of any duration when evidence indicates reasonable cause for requiring such a certificate.

Inclement Weather or Other Emergency Condition

Pursuant to Board policy, when the College is closed, opening is delayed or early release is ordered due to inclement weather or another emergency condition, non-essential employees are not expected to report to work. In such circumstances EAs may charge the time to accrued leave (Personal or Holiday Comp.), or may make arrangements to make up missed hours, subject to the operating needs of the college.

Workers' Compensation

It is the policy of the State to have an employee notify his or her supervisor of an occupational injury and/or disease within 24 hours of the injury or illness. The employee must report the injury to his or her supervisor or other designated authority without delay regardless of the seriousness of the injury or its cause. Any delay in reporting your injury increases the chance that it may be disputed. An accident report form for personal injury on campus should be filled out by the injured party and forwarded to his or her immediate supervisor and the Human Resources Office as soon as possible. You must see someone in the provider in order to put your claim through workers’ compensation.  You may access the Provider Lookup via DAS website or you call 1-800-243-2336.