Track your Application

Tracking your Status on myCommNet

Completing the FAFSA application does not guarantee that your financial aid is in place. You must follow your financial aid status at myCommNet to be sure all requirements have been met. To track the status of your financial aid, follow these steps:

  • Log into myCommNet (if this is your first time logging in, click here for assistance)
  • Enter your Banner ID as your Net ID (use the following format:
  • Enter your Password (click here for assistance in creating a password)
  • Click on Financial Aid
  • Click on My Eligibility
  • Follow the instructions there for any missing items
  • If your award is complete, you many click on My Award Information to review your financial aid award

How Do I Resolve Problems with My Award?

Signed FAFSA applications will be processed and reviewed in the order they are received at the financial aid office. Typical problems encountered are:

FAFSA Not Sent to GCC: If you did not send your FAFSA to GCC myCommNet will not display the My Award Information. Log onto and send your FAFSA to School Code #006981.

FAFSA Incomplete: If your FAFSA application is unsigned or incomplete myCommNet will not display the My Award Information link under the Financial Aid tab.  Check under the My Eligibility link for instructions on how to resolve the problems.

Corrections to FAFSA Required: If corrections are needed based on conflicting data, you may submit them to your FAFSA directly online or come to the Gateway Financial Aid Office to do them in person. Check under the My Eligibility link. You should bring proper identification if you come to the college in person. Corrections often take up to two weeks to be resolved by the federal government and submitted back to the college

Selected for Federal Verification: If you have been selected for verfication of the data you submitted, you will receive an email from the GCC Financial Aid office. Check under the My Eligibility link to complete the the required Verification worksheet.

What Happens if I Apply Late?

Late applications will be awarded on a funds available basis. Please note: grant funds at our disposal are limited and may not permit us to award grants to all eligible students especially those who apply late. 

How Does Financial Aid work with my Bill?

  • You must make payment arrangements with the Cashier's Office at the time of registration if you have not received your financial aid award at that time. Classes can only be held for 24 hours with no financial aid or payment in place. 
  • Completion of the FAFSA does not guarantee that all costs incurred at the college will be covered by a financial aid award. You must be prepared to make other payment arrangements with the Cashier's Office should this occur. 

Federal law prohibits release of student information to any party other than the student. For further details, please review the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).