Procedures guide to MyCommNet, for Students, Faculty, and Staff.
Search for courses:
The page should look like this:
  • Select term (e.g., Fall Term 2012)
  • Select College 
  • Select Open/Close Classes
  • Select Course Level
  • Select a Subject
  • Once you have made all your selections, click on Get Courses
On this page, you will see all the details of the classes you are searching for: 
To get access to your Grades, Schedule, Transcript, or Student Records, login into MyCommNet
  • Type in your NetID user name (i.e.,
  • Type in your Password
  • Login
Homepage of MyCommNet:
To access Financial Aid, Students Record, Registration & Payments, click on: Banner Self-Service
The page should look like this:
Under each tab you will find all the information you need. For instance, under the Financial Aid Tab you will find the following:
  • My overall Status of Financial Aid
  • My Eligibility
  • My Award Information
  • My Financial Services
  • Title IV Authorization
  • Federal Shopping Sheet
Under Personal Information Tab you will find:
  • Prompt to change your Security Question
  • View your Address and Phone 
  • View your Email Address
  • Update your E-mail Address 
  • Name Change Information
  • Social Security Number change information
  • Answer a Survey
Under Registration & Payments Tab you will be able to:
  • Select Term
  • Register (add/drop) classes
  • Student schedule by day and time
  • Student detail schedule 
  • Withdrawal information
  • Check your Registration Status
  • View Account Summary
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Title IV Authorization
  • Active Registration
  • Registration History
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment
  • Check your Registration Status
Under Student Records Tab you will see:
  • View Holds
  • Midterm Grades 
  • Final Grades 
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Request Unofficial Transcript
  • View Status of Transcript Requests
  • Account Summary by Term
  • Account Summary
  • Select Tax Year
  • Tax Notification
  • Student Degree Evaluations
  • Title V Authorization
  • Request for Enrollment verification
  • View Student Information
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment
  • Nursing Application and Requirement Item Status
If you have any more questions regarding MyCommNet please contact the IT Helpdesk at (203) 285-2040 or email us at

Banner Support

We provide support for Banner, the college’s enterprise data system. That support includes connectivity support, network browser, and Java issue remediation. We provide account creation and authorization, and security class access management and password resets. Banner printer queue creation and support and printing troubleshooting, along with basic Banner use and navigation, are also performed by the Information Technology department. Please note that Banner password resets cannot be performed via an email request.

The new myCommnet has gotten a makeover. It is easier to access and easier to navigate from your desktop, tablet or phone.