College Directory

Listings by Department

Department Phone Number
Admissions 2032852010
Cafeteria 2032852114
Center for Gender Equity 2032852035
Counseling & Student Success 2032852090
Ed Tech 2032852221
Follett Bookstore 2038655614
GCC Information 2032852000
Human Resources 2032852537
ID Center 2032852308
Staff Info Line 2032852222
Student Info Line 2032852049
IT Help Desk 2032852040
Library 2032852057
Maintenance 2032852555
Payments/Bursar 2032852009
Police Dept. GCC 2032852246
Public Affairs & Marketing 2032852065
Publications 2032852274
Registrar's Office 2032852020
Security 2032852246
Security NoH 2032852315
Student Activities 2032852208
Workforce Devl./The GREAT Center 2032852300


Listings by Name

Name Department Phone Number Room Email
Abell, Norman Math/Science 2032852183 N404
Abrams, Patricia Culinary 2032852269 S115
Agolli, Urfi IT 2032852409 N323
Ahern, Kathleen Counseling and Student Success 2032852092 N213J
Allen, Lisa Purchasing 2032852005 N325
Alsamraie, Abdul Registrar's Office 2032852276 N214
Alston, Linda Early Learning Center 2032852133 E104
Ambrosini, Lynn Workforce D'ment/Continuing Ed 2032852080 N104  
Amendola, Annmaria Early Learning Center 2032852135 E104A
Annette, Carol Social Science 2032852229 S124D
Arboleda, Licella Counseling and Student Success 2032852090 N213
Apotrias, Christy Registrar's Office 2032852083 N214
Aspras, John Regent's Cafe Manager 2032852248 N107E
Austin, Julie Allied Health (Radiography) 2032852382 S405E
Babbitt, Catherine College Advancement Studies Dept 2032852104 S216H
Baldassano, Vincent Humanities Art 2032852288 S331
Banks, MaryBeth Nursing 2032852314 S403I
Barlage,III, Edward Automotive 2032852334 S202G
Barlage,III, Edward Automotive 86061 NoH 004
Barletta, Lisa Admissions 2032852214 N207
Becker, Jeff IT 2032852043 N323
Bedoya-Rose, Claudia Humanities 2032852163 S305A
Begum, Ropa Educational Technology  2032852221 N318
Bijananda, Sansanee Admissions 2032852149 N207F
Blackmon, Virginia Faculty Support Humanities 2032852150 S305
Blanford, Tracy Nursing 2032852433 S403A
Boateng, Alex Humanities 2032852284 S305D
Boyne, Patricia Human Resources 2032852536 N324
Bozzuto, Vicki Workforce D'ment/Continuing Ed 2032852408 N104A
Breaker, Michelle College Advancement Studies 2032852119 S216B
Broderick, Sergeant Cary Campus Police Department 2032852603 N105
Brogan, James Humanities 2032852155 S305G
Brown, Jennifer Library & Learning Commons 2032852469 L202C
Brown, Lucy Human Resources 2032852534 N324A
Bruno, Donna Automotive/Engineering Technologies 2032852428 S303
Bruno, Donna Automotive/Engineering Technologies 2032886069 NoH
Bruno, Mark Math/Science 2032852353 N437
Brunt, James Humanities 2032852118 S305P
Brutza, Carol Social Science 2032852109 S305L
Bryant, Lavanda Financial Aid 2032852031 N215
Buccilli, Michael Counseling and Student Success  2032852626 N213I
Burns, Mary Humanities 2032852166 S305R
Callaghan, John Math/Science 2032852605 S401C
Carberry, J Tony Admissions 2032852011 N207C
Cardinale, Veronica Allied Health (Radiation Therapy) 2032852402 S405A
Carvalho, Celia Health & Life Sciences 2032852430 S405Q
Case, Cara Allied Health (DMS) 2032852383 S405H
Catenza, Richard Maintenance Electrician 2032852137 N024
Chambers, Sarah Early Learning Center 2032852132 E100
Chavis, Edward Maintenance 2032852413 N024
Chenard, Susan Humanities 2032852045 S305P
Cherhoniak, Lisa Purchasing 2032852524 N325
Cheu, Tsu-Chien Engineering Technologies 2032852374 S303A
Chomicz, Ronald Student Accessibility Services 2032852234 S202C
Ciaburri, Dino Humanities 2032852197 S305
Cifferelli, Michael Library & Learning Commons 2032852052 L103A
Cody, Mary Ellen D'ment and CommunityPartnership 2032852296 S427A
Cohen, Jonah Social Science 2032852289 S124E
Cole, Charles Maintenance 2032852138 N024
Comer, Lynn Workforce D'ment/Continuing Ed 2032852300 N104
Corbeil, Lisa Human Resources 2032852528 N324
Costanzo, Robert Automotive 86063 NoH 004
Costanzo, Robert Automotive 2032852369 S303J
Dancy, Victoria Nursing 2032852440 S403
Danso, Kellie Career Services/Veteran Affairs 2032852094 N217A
D'Antonio, Louis Dean of Administrative Affairs 2032852021 S406A
DeBarge, Susan Nursing 2032852437 S403F
DeFigueiredo, Amy Dean of Student Affairs Office 2032852212 N220
Degree, Todd Allied Health (Exercise Science/Wellness) 2032852446 S405L
Degree, Todd Exercise Science & Wellness 2032852446 S111A
DeJesus, Robin Distance Learning 2032852512 N313
Del Valle-Saddler, Teresa Registrar's Office 2032852303 N214
deLivron, Megan Math/Science 2032852454 N427
DeLuca, Suzanne Admissions 2032852215 207B
D'errico, Nick Educational Technology  2032852508 N318
Desrosiers, John IT 2032852044 N323E
DeStefano, Shauna Library & Learning Commons 2032852059 L101
Diaz, Kim Purchasing 2032852522 N325
Dietrick, Jesse Educational Technology  2032852576 N318
Doninger, Lauren Social Science 2032852601 S124C
Doran, Marcia Allied Health (Nutrition & Dietetics) 2032852390 S405N
Douskey, Franz Humanities 2032852206 S305K
Edwards, Wanda Admissions 2032852147 N207A
Eskridge, Sandra Counseling and Student Success 2032852318 N213H
Evers, Nina President's Office 2032852061 S426C
Fahy, Thomas Social Science 2032852164 S124G
Fanning, Amie  Publication Services 2032852228 N021
Ferraro, Brian Maintenance HVAC 2032856100 MN005
Ferro, Dean IT 2032852411 N323G
Finn, Gina Allied Health (Radiation Therapy) 2032852392 S405F
Flynn, Eric Engineering Technologies 2032852371 S303D
Follett Bookstore Bookstore Main Number 203-865-5614 N109
Foster, Beverly Educational Technology  2032852268 N318
Fraser, Michelle Admissions 2032852141 N207
French, Jaime Step Forward 2032852505 N108A
Fries, Derek IT 2032852041 N323C
Fries, Stephen Business Ed 2032852175 S301E
Frosolone, Germaine Allied Health (Nuclear Medicine) 2032852386 S405D
Frosolone, Shelly Dean of Academic Affairs Office 2032852407 N321
Fuller, Dan Automotive 2032886064 NoH 004
Fuller, Dan Automotive 2032852370 S305J
Fuller, Howard Automotive 2032852368 NoH 004
Futrell, Kim Ed Tech  2032852280 N318E
Gaines, Renee Humanities 2032852156 S305Q
Gales, Allen Public Affairs/Marketing  2032852227 S421A
Garcia, Ivette  Counseling and Student Success 2032852091 N213
Garcia, Monica Admissions 2032852014 N207
Gard, Evelyn Public Affairs/Marketing 2032852127 S421B
Garde, Sandra Facilities and Events 2032852555 N025
Gebuza, Beata Allied Health (Nuclear Medicine) 2032852381 S405G
Gibbs, Tanya Institutional Research 2032852345 S427B
Haase, Brenda Dean of Administrative Affairs Office 2032852022 S406
Haeckel, Claudia Nursing 2032852436 S403B
Halko, Nicholas Humanities Art 2032852241 S329
Halkyard, Rich Engineering Technologies 2032852311 S303K
Hampton, Todd Library & Learning Commons 2032852615 L102
Hanby, Leslie Center for Educational Services 2032852348 S205
Hartmann, Heather Early Learning Center 2032852130 SE100
Hastings, Rochelle  Registrar's Office 2032852026 N214
Hayes, Janet Health & Life Sciences 2032852431 S405Q
Hayes, Martha Humanities 2032852159 S305M
Higney, Brian Security 2032852611 N105B
Higney, Christie Human Resources 2032852529 N324D
Hill Health Center Hill Health Center Main Number 2032886000 N114  
Info Line ELC Closings/Delays Info Line ELC 2032852610    
Info Line Faculty/Staff Closings/Delays Info Line Faculty/Staff 2032852222    
Info Line Students Closings/Delays Info Line Students 2032852049    
Info Line Faculty "OUT" Faculty "OUT" Info Line 866-315-2769    
Jackson, Katherine Finance 2032852525 N325
Jacobi, Marilyn College Advancement Studies 2032852192 S216C
Jain, Raj Math/Science 2032852182 N413
Keefe, Elizabeth College Advancement Studies 2032852606 S216G
Kendrick, Dorsey President 2032852060 S426A
Kessler, Karen Nursing 2032852396 S403D
Shelley, Deshayla CONNTAC EOC 2032852216 N212
Kirkland, Earnestine Social Science 2032852189 S124H
Kos, Kaitlyn Workforce Dev and Cont Ed 2032852203 S215
Kosinski, Mark Dean of Academic Affairs 2032852077 N321B
Kusiak,  Samantha Student Accessibility  Services 2032852251 S202D
Labonty, Mary-Lynn Human Resources 2032852535 N324C
Lawrence, Kevin Student Development 2032852090 N213
Levere, Christina Public Affairs/Marketing Graphica 2032852313 N020
Levine, Susan Nursing 2032852444 S403P
Levinson, Kelly Purchasing 2032852523 N325
Lewis, Alfonzo Ed Tech 2032852268 N318A
Lewis, Carrol Payments 2032852008 N216
Li, Linda Hongyu Financial Aid 2032852291 N215
Li, Lorraine Business Ed 2032852285 S301A
Lickteig, Elaine Allied Health (Dietetic) 2032852389 S405M
Linton, Jamaine Registrar's Office 2032852025 N214
Lipowski, Martha Library & Learning Commons 2032852053 L202F
Lippard, Marianne Student Activities and Leadership  2032852578 S110
Literacy Volunteers Literacy Volunteers 2032852621 N112  
Litteral, Nancy Step Forward 2032852505 N108A
Livingston, Omar Financial Aid 2032852129 N215B
Logan, Dot Step Forward 2032852505 N108A
Logston, Susan Social Science 2032852187 S124F
Lopez, Maribel Registrar's Office 2032852029 N214B
Lostritto, Don Engineering Technologies 2032852372 S303I
Loteczka, Michael Math/Science 2032852356 N435
Luglio, Rose Small Business Center 2032852198 S105C
Lugo, Maribel Maintenance 2032852138 N024
Luna, Wilson Dean of Student Affairs 2032852210 N218
Lynch, Erika   Workforce D'ment 2032852302 N104B
Lynch, Mark Math/Science 2032852190 N427
Lyons, Robert Maintenance 2032852240 N025
Madeux, Monica  Workforce D'ment/Continuing Ed 2032852301 N104
Magnotti, Mark Human Resources 2032852527 N324
Maisfehlt, William Library & Learning Commons 2032852054 L202D
Martone, Michael Mail Room 2032852239 N026
Mason, Carol Payments 2032852006 N216
Masse, Jane Workforce D'ment 2032852161 N014
Mastronardi, Rick College Advancement Studies 2032852607 S216E
Maynard, Joe Social Science 2032852050 S124M
McDowell, Jill Finance 2032852007 N105C
McFarland, Barbara Nursing 2032852359 S403L
McFarland, Scott Automotive 2032852405 S305I
McFarland, Scott Automotive 2032886065 NoH 004
McGrath, Thomas Engineering Technologies 2032852378 S303H
McLawhon, Jessica Social Science 2032852165 S124O
Mebane, Cathy Social Science 20328—
Mebane, Melba Counseling and Student Success 2032852547 N213
Mehtar, Mohsin Engineering Technologies 2032852395 S303E
Melendez, Yomira Payments 2032852002 N216
Mena, Clara Center for Educational Services 2032852123 S205D
Meyers, Eric Math/Science 2032852235 N412
Miklos, William IT 2032852367 N323F
Molka, Jadz Maintenance 2032852138 N024
Moon, Leasa Early Learning Center 2032852134 E106A
Morrison, Joan Nursing 2032852629 S403N
Morse, Victoria Humanities 2032852160 S305O
Moscato, Susan Registrar's Office 2032852024 N214
Mullally, Bridget College Advancement Studies, Remediation  2032852577 S216A
Mullane, John Counseling and Student Success 2032852095 N213E
Murphy, Kathleen Business Education 2032852179 S301M
Nevins, Linda Nursing 2032852432 S403M
N'Guessan, Marie Helene Early Learning Center 2032852133 E110A
Nosel-Torres, Maria  Counseling and Student Success 2032852093 N213F
Oblena, Courtney-Jo Educational Technology  2032852575 N318
Ogbaa, Clara  Library & Learning Commons 2032852058 L202B
Okparanta, Stella Early Learning Center 2032852134 E106A
O'Leary, Lauren College Advancement Studies 2032852414 S216J
Ortiz, Lucas Maintenance 2032852138 N024
Osambo, John Math/Science 2032852201 N429
Osei, Sam Nursing 2032852440 S402
Palermo, Mary Early Learning Center 2032852131 E102
Palinko, Rick Veteran Affairs 2032852146 N217C
Palm, Lynette Nursing 2032852634 S403G
Palmquist, Dan Culinary 2032852193 S301B
Panagoulias, Lee Math/Science 2032852373 N429
Pandolfi, Alice Allied Health 2032852391 S405I
Parker, Janet Registrar's Office 2032852025 N214
Parker, Kelly Immunization 2032852275 N207
Parsons, Wilhelmenia Business Ed 2032852201 S301
Parsons, Wilhelmenia Math/Science 2032852201 S401
Pempleton, Greg Finance 2032852004 325
Perreault, Conor Library & Learning Commons 2032852089 L101
Perugini, Saverio Math/Science 2032852195 S401C
Petroka, Louise Math/Science 2032852145 N411
Petrovic, Belinda Math/Science 2032852186 N403
Pilco, Analia Payments 2032852003 N216
Piwarzyk, Marcia Humanities 2032852361 S330
Pompano, Carol D'ment/CommunityPartnership Office 2032852112 S427E
Proto, John Workforce D'ment/Continuing Ed 2032852538 N104C
Potochney, Janice Business Ed 2032852173 S301D
Prince, Joe Maintenance 2032852413 N025
Prior, Roberta Student Activities and Leadership  2032852209 S110C
Raimondo, Deborah Humanities 2032852153 S305B
Rajaniemi, Taylor Educational Technology  2032852221 N318
Randall, Myra Nursing 2032852417 S403C
Randi, Andrew Business Ed 2032852154 S301G
Rees, Richard Business Ed 2032852178 S301C
Reyes, Gladys IT 2032852612 N323
Richter, Angela Dean of Academic Affairs Office 2032852075 N321
Rish, Anthony Automotive 86066 NoH 004
Rish, Anthony Automotive 2032852434 N431
Rivera, Christina Scillia President's Office 2032852062 S426
Rivera, Jennifer Registrar's Office 2032852276 N214
Roberts, Leigh Workforce D'ment/Continuing Ed 2032852143 N104
Roller, Lynn Allied Health (DMS) 2032852506 S417A
Roller, Lynn Distance Learning 2032852295 N313
Rosado, Wilfredo Business Ed 2032852174 S301L
Roussat, Marilee Baker Workforce D'ment/Continuing Ed 2032852128 N104
Russo, Eileen Social Science 2032852360 S124N
Russo, Teresa Social Science 2032852286 S124B
Rydene, Heidi Math/Science 2032852184 N414
Sacal, George IT 2032852366 N323
Salay, Larry IT 2032852046 N323D
Samberg, Wendy Ed Tech Instructional Design 2032852108 N318C
Schettenhelm, Rachael College Advancement Studies 2032852191 S216D
Schnepf, Chester Humanities 2032852205 S305C
Schrader, Jonathan Step Forward 2032852505 N108A
Scott, John Business Ed 2032852171 S301J
Scott, Linda Nursing 2032852403 S403
Security  Security Main Line 2032852246 Lobby  
Senat, Jean-Max Step Forward 2032852505 N108A
Serrano, Maria Educational Technology  2032852221 N318
Shannon, Cher Social Science 2032852321 S124L
Shea, Kim Social Science 2032852116 S124K
Shen, Ken Math/Science 2032852365 S401B
Simone, Lucian Facilities and Events 2032852223 S103
Sirois, Melissa Human Resources 2032852599 N324
Smeraglia, John Counseling and Student Success 2032852124 N213
Soler, Luis Maintenance 2032852138 N024
Solernou, Sheila Nursing/Allied Health Director 2032852393 S403J
Sorrentino, Kimberly Allied Health (DMS) 2032852506 S405J
Spencer, Susan Math/Science 2032852452 S401E
Sanditz Travel Agency State of CT Contracted Travel Agency 800-858-4456    
Stewart, John  Student Dev'ment Athletics 2032852213 N213J
Sullivan, Dan Math/Science 2032852181 N416
Sweeney, Amanda College Advancement Studies 2032852551 S216K
Swirsky, Susan D'ment/CommunityPartnership Office 2032852617 S427C
Taylor, Niahri Career Services 2032852143 N213C
Thayer, Richard Allied Health (Radiology) 2032852401 N405
Thomas, Charlene Facilities/Campus Room Reservations 2032852265 N00
Tong, Vincent Institutional Research 2032852415 S427D
Tremblay, R.E. Math/Science 2032852185 N438
Ukah, Cyprian Engineering Technologies 2032852375 S303C
Valencia Daye, Carmelita Social Science 2032852172 S124P
Valentin, Sheri Business Ed 2032852169 S301H
Vega, Elizabeth Admissions 2032852013 N207D
Viola, Jaye Allied Health (Radiography) 2032852385 S405C
Vollano, Toni Public Affairs & Marketing 2032852101 S421
Walker, Don Distance Learning 2032852038 N318E
Walker, Mari Public Affairs/Marketing 2032852067 S421
Walker Williams, Stacy Business Ed 2032852462 S301
Walsh, Pamela Workforce D'ment/Continuing Ed 2032852142 N104
Weather Closings (see Info Line) 2032852049    
Wenderoth-Holster, Jennifer Gender Equity Center 2032852412 N110
White, Brandon Workforce D'ment/Continuing Ed 2032852279 N104
Williams, Anne Business Ed 2032852170 S301N
Williams, Marion ELC 2032852135 E104A
Williams, Roger Student Dev'ment 2032852544 N217
Willoughby, John Step Forward 2032852505 N108A
Winterbottom, Wesley Math/Science 2032852354 N430
Woolums, Virginia Humanities 2032852162 S305H
Yang, Jianxin Library & Learning Commons 2032852158 L202E
Zeek, Raymond Financial Aid 2032852032 N215C
Zuluaga, Clara Maintenance 2032852136 N024