The Placement Test is required for all new, first-time college students. Students must apply to the college and receive their GCC Student ID# prior to scheduling the test.

The Placement Exam

The ACCUPLACER Test determines your knowledge in math (as well as reading and writing) as you prepare to enroll in college-level courses. Placement Assessments are also available for students who have limited English proficiency (please refer to the English as a Second Language (ESL) course descriptions). Test results are used as one part of advising students into appropriate courses.

Who takes the Placement Exam?

All first-time, degree or certificate students are required to take a Placement Assessment in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, unless the student has achieved SAT scores of 530+ or ACT scores of 18+ in math, and SAT scores of 26+ in Writing & Language or 25+ in Reading, or ACT scores of 21+ in English Reading or Writing.

Why do we take the Placement Exam?

After testing, you will attend a New Student Advising and Registration (NSAR) session where you will meet with an Academic Advisor. Test results, together with your academic background, goals, and interests, are used by advisors to place you into appropriate courses. A low score on the placement test may require several semesters of developmental math coursework and could affect the amount of time needed to complete a degree.

How do I register for the Placement Exam?

Sign up for your appointment online by clicking here, or by contacting the Center for Educational Services (CES) (click for contact info)You will need your school ID number, and therefore must have completed your Admissions application.

Where does the Placement Exam take place?

The test will be given in the Center for Educational Services.

When should I take the Placement Exam?

After you prepare for the exam! Before scheduling your appointment to take the placement test, it is strongly recommended that you prepare by reviewing the material and taking practice tests. More information about practice materials is given below.

Placement Re-Testing Policy

Students wishing to register for courses beyond the Placement Test recommendation (ACCUPLACER) must get faculty approval from the Math and/or English Department. The department may elect to administer a local placement assessment. Faculty may then recommend a placement in a course consistent with the local test results. Students who wish to further challenge the placement outcome may request this from the department chairperson, or the Dean of Students in the absence of the department chair. Students are responsible for providing relevant details supporting their case for the waiver of placement. The Dean of Students may authorize re-testing with the ACCUPLACER. Retesting will be scheduled at a time allotted by the placement coordinator, which will not displace first-time test takers. Academic support strategies are arranged for students with various disabilities through the office of Student Disability Services.

*Please note that children are not permitted in the
Center for Educational Services (CES)

Take a practice test!

It is strongly recommended that you practice before you take the Placement Tests in Math and English that will determine your starting courses.


Sign Up for your Placement Test

To sign up, you will need to have completed your Admissions application, and will enter your College ID number.